Sample from the FOH Sales Playbook for manager course

FOH Sales Playbooks have customizable exercises, quizzes, and worksheets, so you can make them relevant to your specific restaurant culture, service style, menu, and policies.

Sales Playbook for Managers

Sales Playbook for Managers includes the processes, tools, and templates that you can customize or use as is.  Online interactive training with virtual coaches will help your managers learn and implement the Playbook, so they can start tracking results immediately.

Pre-Shift Activities

Sales Playbook

Checklists and Templates

Job Descriptions

Sales Playbook for the FOH Team

Playbooks can be downloaded for printing, or viewed on mobile.  


Service Standards




Busser, Cashier, Expediter, Host

Our comprehensive FOH Sales Playbooks will help you deliver…

Better Communication and Teamwork

When employees understand their role and performance expectations, they are more prepared, confident, and motivated to exceed expectations


Consistent training and accountability leads to a consistent guest experience

A Higher Standard of Service

Clearly outlined service standards provide the foundation that helps every member of your team deliver consistent food and beverage service, every shift-everyday 

Guest Satisfaction

Happy guests + Positive reviews = Increased repeat business and sales

Increased Check Averages

Sales Pros observe and recognize opportunities to make authentic suggestions and recommendations

Our Services

We develop playbooks and online learning courses to help restaurant and hotel owner/operators and managers deliver outstanding service and hospitality experiences, and improve social reviews.

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