Hospitality Hub is your anytime/anywhere sales training resource

A comprehensive, easy to search and use training resource. Access to the information you need is at your fingertips, within seconds.  


It's like having a sales coach in your pocket!

What is th Hospitality Hub Resource Library?




Works great on any device

Hospitality Hub works on desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones. 


Available 24/7, 365 days a year

Knowledge isn't power, having instant access to the right information, and putting it to use when you need it, is EMPOWERING.  Your business is always on, and your team doesn't live by 9-5 rules.  Hospitality Hub delivers the specific information you need, wherever you are, on any device, within seconds.

Instant Answers

Hospitality Hub offers instant answers.  With Google and YouTube, everyone is used to instant answers in their personal lives, why should it be any different at work?  You will appreciate getting answers within seconds, without having to wait for a response from a co-worker, sifting through videos or multiple websites, or going through pages of printed information.

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Customizable templates

All of the templates, checklists, forms, job descriptions, SOP's and Service Standards are provided in MS Word and can be customized.  


Our Services

We develop training toolkits and online learning courses to help restaurant and hotel owner/operators and managers deliver outstanding service and hospitality experiences, increase sales and repeat business.

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